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Some interesting Log Cabin options

ONe Bed Standard w EXT and VERANDAH

What are your Log Cabin Options?

With the widest range of log cabins in Ireland, you would expect us to offer a wide range of log cabin options too. And we do!

We have the widest range of log cabins available in Ireland, and THOUSANDS of satisfied customers around Ireland. After all, we’ve been in business for over twenty years and we’re still here. We have refined our log cabins so that they are ideal for long-term use in the Irish climate. (And don’t forget that the Irish climate is a lot milder than the Acandanavian climate that these cabins are designed for!)

Our Best-selling Log Cabins

Our two best-selling cabins, the Limerick Two Bed Log Cabin and the Tullow Three Bedroom Log Cabin are usually the PERFECT fit for our customers. But we may not have the perfect cabin for you! But usually, a simple change or two to our existing designs hit the nail on the head for most customers who cannot find exactly what they want on the Timber Living Log Cabins website.

Log Cabins Ireland Options from Timber Living
Wide range of log cabins from Timber Living

Extend your log cabin

The first and most significant of the log cabin options for a lot of customers is to extend the log cabin they are interested in. This is often the perfect solution for our most popular models, the two-bedroom Limerick Log Cabin, and the three-bedroom Tullow log cabin. You can see all of our Two Bedroom Log Cabins and Three Bedroom Log Cabins on our website. And usually, because our living areas are already wonderfully spacious and bright,  adding an extra metre or two to the bedroom end of the building is the perfect solution, making the bedrooms bigger, giving plenty of wardrobe space, and solving any potential storage problems.

It is straightforward to have either of these log cabins elongated by one or two metres, giving much larger second and third bedrooms. Ask us about the cost of this. You’ll be very surprised at how very affordable it is to add an extra metre or two to your log cabin. In effect, because all we are doing is adding the extra timber, roofing and insulation for the extra metre (say), but there is no real increase in labour costs, then the overall increased cost is not prohibitive.


Extending – the most popular log cabin options

You can, of course, go further if you decide to extend this log cabin. For instance, if you extend by two metres, you could easily put in an ensuite between the main bedroom and the back bedroom. Of course, the inclusion of the ensuite will entail a further increase, due to the extra internal wall and door. But don’t let this stop you from asking about the cost. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost. And that’s just one more reason to shop with TimberLiving – our Quality is Complimented by our Versatility!


A Verandah  – more stylish log cabin options

Verandahs are a very popular optional extra on our log cabins. We all know how well they look, but not everyone realises that they can be included in your build, no matter which log cabin you choose. And you can go for the overhang by itself, or overhang decking and railings. Just give us a call to discuss this very popular option. It really adds a lot of character to your log cabin, and for many it is, in effect, the icing on the cake for them.


Changing Windows & other Log Cabin Options

Window choice is very important for your log cabin. Windows serve a number of functions, of course. They let in light, but also keep in the heat, and give a certain character to your log cabin from the outside. And of course, if you have a special view from your cabin, you might want to change the windows to bring that view inside, so to speak.

We have an excellent blog about window choice here:

Log CAbin Window types
Choose the right windows for your log cabin

There are three main changes you can make to the windows in your log cabin:

  • Window size
  • Window location
  • Window material (Timber or PVC).

Window Size:

You can see from the image of our Sligo three Bedroom Log Cabin above that we can supply full glass doors for your log cabin if that’s what you wish. (You can see more photos of the Sligo Three Bedroom Log Cabin here.) The full glass doors are double glazed and are available in PVC or timber. All of our PVC windows are supplied by either Munster Joinery or Weatherglaze Ireland.

We only deal with highly reputable Irish companies when sourcing uPVC windows for your log cabins, because we want every element of our log cabins to be high quality, long-lasting products. Customer satisfaction is our key target in everything we do – that’s our policy and it has stood us in good stead for over two decades, so why change!

If you’re considering using the longer windows, as shown in the image above, be sure to remember that you will be losing wall space if you lower the cill by installing those longer windows. With a standard window, there’s room below the cill for a table, or even a radiator. Don’t forget to check out this important detail when planning your windows.

uPVC Windows for your Log Cabin

Our timber windows are very high quality, double-glazed tilt and turn windows, which have not let us down over the years, so we are very happy to recommend them. However, many people are keen on uPVC windows because they are lower maintenance. We are happy to supply you with whichever type you choose. While uPVC windows are lower maintenance, there is the restriction on colour – once you choose a colour, you have to stick with it.

For most people, this is not a problem, but we should still mention it. White PVC goes with most colours, but we do offer different colours of uPVC windows. Our range varies depending on the supplier, so its best to ask your TimberLiving representative about the current choices.

Give us a call or come visit us to learn more, and experience one of our best quality log cabins first hand.

Tullow: 05991 81039

Boyle: 086 817 0429

Cork: 087 6464 280

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  2. I’m looking for 1 bed cabin all inclusive except foundation. My aim is just to have to buy furniture and decorate inside to my taste. If you could send me as much financial details please. I cannot get to visit your site yet so I need information to work with .. Thank you.. Kind regards Martina McAteer

    1. You’ll get prices for all of our cabins on the website.
      We don’t do finance, I’m sorry. Credit Union is your best bet.
      Aswel as the cabin, you will need to include for base, electrics, plumbing, heating etc.

  3. Hi,

    What are the planning regulations around living in one of these?

    Many thanks,

    Andrea Maher

  4. Understand 40sq meters without planning, is this correct, and are there any issues with connecting to sewers and electric.
    Do you have a hard copy brochure.

    1. Sorry, we don’t have brochures.
      Planning is complex, depending on the region you’re in.
      Call your nearest showhouse for more info:
      Tullow: 05991 81039
      Boyle: 086 817 0429
      Cork 087 6464 280

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