About Us

About Timber Living

Quality and Choice at the Right Price

The management team at Timber Living have been involved in building over 4000 units in Ireland & the UK over the last 25 years. With a lot of experience, we would welcome your enquires and will discuss with you all the options and advise the best for your specific requirements.

Built to Last, Best Quality on the Market

Timber Living chalets are built to the very highest Northern European standards and are more than capable of standing the test of time in the harshest Scandinavian and Baltic winters, where this style of building has been developed.

Treated correctly, your Timber Living chalet or cabin will give enjoyment for many years. To encourage longer life, we recommend that your chalet be treated with two to three coats of a quality oil-based treatment.

All Timber Living buildings are constructed of timber with a double-plank profile made from pine or spruce wood dried to 10-12% humidity, without painting an impregnation. All chalets and cabins are available with a number of different options, all fully customisable to suit your every requirement.

Customisable Variations

All Timber Livings cabins and structures come with a variety of features and options :

  • single or double doors
  • different door and window positions
  • insulated roofs, floors and walls
  • internal walls and doors
  • verandas
  • Double Glazing as standard and a wide range of size is also available
  • All our buildings can be wired for power, plumbed for all services.

Not interested in Log Cabins, and looking for some more space. We also manufacture:‚Äč

  • Workspace 2
  • Playroom
  • Granny Flat
  • Holiday Home
  • Garage or Car Port
  • Barbeque house

Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured that Timber Living can provide you with a quality building, built to your specifications, at a price to suit you.

Where our Amazing Cabins are Built

Our Factory

All our Log Cabins and Structures are built in Lithuania, where our key priorities are Quality and Attentiveness aiming to pay attention to our clients and society at large with ecological products that don’t harm the environment.

The Log Used

All of our cabins are built from the finest Siberian-grown Norway Spruce, which are up to one hundred and fifty years old. When it comes to the log chosen to build your log cabin or structure we have exceedingly high demands for the quality of wood used with it being FSC certified


Nearly 40 years in building high-quality log cabins and timber buildings, Most of the assembly lines are automated and computerized. This enables us to reach a high level of productivity, ensure our wood products are high quality and implement the specific requirements of our clients.