Frequently asked questions

Timber Living offer both 45mm and 60mm wall thickness. Most of our log cabins are double wall, (45mm outer wall with 100mm cavity for insulation, and an internal wall of 30mm). This double wall build offers the best solution for insulation, structural strength and elimination of damp risk.

We always recommend our Double wall construction (45mm outer wall, 100mm insulation-filled cavity and 30mm inner wall) when people are buying their log cabin for residential use.

The price includes the build of the walls, doors, windows, full timber floor, full timber ceiling, roof and floor insulation, (wall insulation if it’s a double wall), outer metal profile roof cover,  delivery, erection of building plus VAT.

Timber Living can quote this if the customer wishes.
Delivery time is approx 8/10 weeks from date of order.
You need planning for anything over 25 square metres that you intend living in. A lot of people have been given planning permission for our cabins. A lot of people have built on their own land without planning. It depends on the area you’re in sometimes.
The building is delivered flat pack on a canter truck and built on site.
This is all down to the size of the building. Our single room timber buildings take between one and two days to erect. Our bigger, multi-room log cabins and timber homes are usually completed within two weeks.

Timber Living use 100mm PIR insulation in the roof and floor. In the walls we use 100mm rock wool or Metac, and also put down damp proof protection on the base.

The base must be smaller than the building, we will give the customer full spec on the base. Your base is normally 10mm smaller al round than the actual size of the cabin, so the cabin base timbers overhang the concrete base.

A decent log cabin will last a lifetime if maintained and cared for, just as you would with any domestic or commercial building. A quality wood treatment, guttering and general maintenance every few years keeping check on things and the building will last a lifetime.

Yes, you can view our log cabins so that you can see the quality for yourself in any one of our three showrooms, in Tullow, Boyle and Cork.