Log Cabin Construction Videos

Learn about the ins and outs of planning permission in the first of our log cabin construction videos

Log Cabins will last 100 years

How Long Do Log Cabins Last? Let’s see what Dermot Bannon has to say…

In this log cabin construction videos, Dermot Bannon visits a 100 year old cabin and tells us that timber buildings will  last over 100 years – and all you have to do is paint them.

Two and 3 Bed cabin walkthroughs

3D walkthrough of Two Bed and Three Bed Cabins

This is a video walkthrough of the Limerick Two Bedroom and the Tullow Three Bedroom Log Cabin. You can view the Tullow 3 bedroom log cabin in our Tullow and Carrigaline showrooms. You can see the two bedroom Limerick log cabin in our showrooms in Boyle, Tullow, Limerick and Galway.

You can find directions to all of our showrooms nationwide on our SHOWROOMS page.

Kilmore Two Bed Cabin

A spectacular log cabin! This video shows a Kilmore Two Bedroom cabin – beautifully finished with fully-tiled bathroom.

3 Bed Log Cabin – the Tullow, from Timber Living Log Cabins

This is a video walkthrough of our modifiable three bed Tullow log cabin down in Tullow.

Two Bed Limerick Log Cabin Walkthrough

How we build our cabin walls

Timberliving log cabin walls – quality engineering

Our log cabin construction details

Construction details of our quality built log cabins
Construction details of our quality built log cabins
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Cutting through a log cabin roof in order to install a stove.
Screenshot 2024 01 30 062323
How a Log Cabin Base should be built
Screenshot 2024 01 30 062235
How to paint/stain your log cabin