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Low Maintenance Log Cabin

What about  low maintenance log cabin? We’re all so busy nowadays. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s something to do. And that is why you should really consider a low maintenance log cabin.

Low maintenance log cabin.

Timber or cement board exterior?

All of our residential log cabins are double wall insulated constructions. Our standard log cabins have a 35 mm interior wall and a 45 mm exterior wall with 100 mm of insulation in between. Our low maintenance log cabins use the 45 mm wall and we put 100 mm of insulation outside that wall with a vapour barrier and an air gap before installing cement board on the outside of the building. 

I hope the illustration below shines a bit of light on that.

Low Maintenance Log Cabin Double Wall

Low maintenance log cabin benefits

A low maintenance log cabin offers numerous benefits, especially in today’s busy world. With our hectic schedules, it often feels like there is always something demanding our attention. That’s why investing in a low maintenance log cabin is a wise choice.

Benefit One: Cost

 The initial cost of a log cabin with cement board on the outside is cheaper than a log cabin with timber on the outside. But you have to get your builder to skim the final building, and that is going to make your low maintenance cabin a little bit more expensive. Of course, you will make up the difference quite quickly because the cost of Sikkens wood stain is higher than the cost of a standard exterior paint. So, after your second time staining the exterior of your cabin you have broke even. And hat back-of-the-mind Whisper that keeps reminding you that you have to stain the log cabin is gone.

Benefit Two: peace of mind

Peace of Mind is important to us all. And with a cement board exterior on your log cabin, the added onus of regular maintenance every four years is removed. You could leave your cement board log cabin untouched for 20 years and not be worried. It would look terrible! But it would be fine as a structure. 

Admittedly, a cement board exterior might not be to everyone’s taste. The timber exterior on a log cabin exudes charm and is definitely a big reason for people buying log cabins. But the practicality of a cement board exterior outdoors the looks of a timber exterior for a certain buyer. If you are that buyer, talk to us today.

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