TULLOW THREE BED LOG CABIN – Our Best-selling 3 Bed




3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Hallway, 1 Utility, 1 kitchen, 1 Livingroom & 1.5m Veranda


7.6M x 10.6M

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Our Best-Selling Three Bedroom Log Cabin

The Tullow Three Bedroom Log Cabin is by far our best-selling Three Bed Log Cabin. This is due to a great design, which offers the customer a combination of spaciousness, versatility and functionality, at an excellent price point.

Our three bed log cabins cannot be beaten for quality and value in Ireland. We have been selling log cabins in Ireland for over 25 years now, and this Tullow three bedroom log cabin format has been an enduring success for us.

Speaking of enduring, you can rest assured that all of our three bed log cabins will last a lifetime. Here is a video of Dermot Bannon talking about how long cabins can last if treated properly.

Versatile three bed log cabin

Another significant advantage of the Tullow Three Bed Log Cabin is its versatility. It is designed so that it can be easily extended. The corridor in the building can be extended through the back wall, and a new building built to whatever size you require.

Extending rooms

Many customers go for the option of extending the rooms in our log cabins. One of the favourite options for customers is to add a metre to the bedroom end of the Tullow three bed log cabin. This is a very affordable option, which totally changes the comfort and utility element of this fantastic three bed log cabin.

To compare the Tullow with our other models, you can take a look at our Three Bed Log Cabins page.

Versatility is Key when designing

Here is an article which suggests a number of changes you can make to your log cabin, in order to personalise it to your particular needs: Some interesting Log Cabins options

Painting your log cabin

If you’re looking for the right type of stain for your cabin exterior, you should take a look at SIKKENS. And note, you need to STAIN your log cabin, not paint it. Paint seals the surface of the timber, which keeps moisture out, but also seals moisture in, which can lead to rotting. Sikkens comes highly recommended by a number of experts and is widely used on the continent for all exterior timber work.