Three Bed Log Cabin – Multi-Choice


Three Bedroom Log Cabin with options to extend the bedroom, add on a verandah, or both!

Get the best three bed log cabin for your needs. A small increase in price can make all the difference to your living comfort.


Our Best-Selling Three Bed Log Cabin

Based on the performance of  our best-selling three bed log cabin – the Tullow – we now offer a couple of optional extras:

  • Extend the rear bedrooms by one metre
  • Add on a Verandah and Decking
  • Take both the bedroom extension AND the Verandah/Decking

Additional information


1. Standard 3 Bed Log Cabin, 2. Three Bed Log Cabin with Extended Rear Bedrooms, 3. Three Bed Log Cabin With Verandah/Decking, 4. Three Bed Log Cabin with Extended Bedrooms AND Verandah/Decking