One Bedroom Log Cabin – Multi-Choice


Pay €250 Booking Deposit only.

All booking deposits fully refundable. We will contact you to finalise contract on receipt of your booking deposit.

Total includes Vat, delivery & build on pre-prepared base.
Not included:
base, electrics, plumbing-heating, painting.

Your options:

  • Available in all sizes from TIMBER LIVING
  • Individual design possible
  • Assembly country-wide

If you’re looking for a cosy granny flat, but you’re not delighted with our standard design, then make the changes you want in order to to get the cabin you want!

We give a few options:

1. Extend the bedroom

2. Add a veranda and decking

3. Do both!

Call us or visit us at our showrooms if you want to to discuss the options.




One Bedroom Log Cabin

If you’re looking for a one bedroom Log Cabin or granny flat that’s cosy and cute, and also not too hard on the pocket, you’re on the right page!



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