Delivery Policy

Built to order

​Timber Living chalets are delivered to your site and can be erected on a prepared basis.

​Over the years we have installed many sizes and varieties of chalets in a wide range of locations, and we offer you the benefit of our experience in having your site prepared properly to suit your new building.

​Once you have placed your order, you can have your site and base prepared while your building is being manufactured.

​Once it is ready for delivery, actual on-site installation time can be as little as two to three days, getting you up and running far faster than conventional building methods.

​Getting the perfect building starts by talking to Timber Living about your needs, your space and your budget.

​Based on our initial discussions with you, we can provide you with an accurate 3D illustration of what your building will look like. This should help you to visualise the finished result and refine your plans further.

​The size, style and finish of each unit is totally individual, and the wide range of fittings and configurations available ensures you get exactly what you want.