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Building a Log cabin in Ireland

Building a log cabin in ireland

Log cabins are long-lasting, stylish, very affordable, and are built VERY quickly. Let me show you how we can build long-lasting, quality homes in a short amount of time.

Building a log cabin

How long do log cabins last in Ireland?

Before anyone starts the process of building a log cabin in Ireland, they have to ask themselves the question “How long do log cabins last in Ireland?” And its a perfect question. There are some illusions that Ireland’s weather is worse for log cabins than elsewhere in Europe, but this is just a perception of the situation. (I believe we’re just feeling sorry for ourselves because we don’t get as much sunshine as othe countries in Europe!)

But Timber Living has been building log cabins in Ireland for over twenty years, and we’ve proven their longevity – even our oldest cabins are stil as good as new, as long as they’ve been treated properly on the outside. (You can read all about “painting” log cabins here:

How can log cabins be built in such a short time?

The secret to the speed of build of log cabins is down to the fact that most of the work is done in a factory, by precision Austrian-built machines, using the latest in high-tech software. Stringent management and quality assurance levels ensures that every piece of timber has been dried to the right level, machined to the right dimensions (with extremey tight tolerances) and is loaded safely and correctly, ensuring that there are no delays on site due to incorrect or missing elements of your log cabin.

Now, that’s the easy bit! But what are the stages that you will see happening when your log cabin is being built?

Log Cabin Base

Take a look at our blog post all about log cabin bases: Blogpost – ,,Log cabin bases and foundations.

Your log cabin is going to require a five inch concrete base. Building a log cabin on anything else (stilts or blocks or whatever) is a mistake – any movement in just one of the points would lead to serious undermining of your build. So, a five inch base is what’s needed. Here’s the spec for the builder: 5 inch 804 hardstone and 5 inch 30-33 N concrete.

Build schedule for your log cabin

For this section, I am going to discuss the build schedule for the Limerick Two Bed Log Cabin, which is the one that was built in Boyle as a show house for Timber Living. There are four phases to the build, which take about three weeks to complete.

  • Week OneMonday and Tuesday

First stage build – the log cabin exterior is built. You can see in the video below how, over two days, we build the exterior log cabin walls and ceiling boards, so that we can leave an enclosed space for the electrician and plumber.

  • Week OneWednesday to Friday

Its time for the electrician and plumber to move in and do their first fix. It should only take the electrician a day, and the same with the plumber depending on the extent of the plumbing, heating system etc.

  • Week Two Monday to Wednesday

We return to do the roof insulation and cover, the insulation in the walls and floors, and complete the internal walls and floor.


Week Two Wednesday to Friday

Its time to protect the new floor in your log cabin, before the electrician and plumber return. So get varnishing, or carpeting, or timber flooring – whatever your choice. Its important to protect the fresh timber floor before the electrician and plumber move in with nails and screws aas wellas other, heavier items. While the wood in your floor is reasonably hard, it is not unscratchable, so best to protect it before any damage is done.

For that matter, there is nothing wrong with putting timber flooring on top of your new Timber Living floor, if that’s what you want. Flooring is very much a matter of taste -for one person, carpet is the creme de la creme, while another will INSIST on keeping the original timber flooring. Then again, there are lots of very interesting linos available on the market now…

Once your flooring is down, get the electrician and plumber to complete their work. This stage shouldn’t take more than three days. For the electrician, all that will be needed is to fit sockets and light fittings, a final wiring of the plug board, wiring of whatever water heating system you’re using, and possibly wiring of your cooker. For the plumber, there’s final fitting of rads, stoves, showers, toilets, sinks and taps, an again, whatever water heating you’re using.

Now you’re ready to put in the kitchen and move in your furniture. Enjoy!

Come see us at Timber Living Log Cabins

If you’re interested in seeing one of our log cabins in real life (!) give us a call at our,, log cabin showrooms. in Tullow, County Carlow, Carrigaline, County Cork and Boyle, County Roscommon. We’re always glad to show you around.

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    2. We would have to look at access. You would needa concrete base, so if the concrete can get in, the cabin can get in.

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