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Building yourself the best bespoke Log Cabin

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A bespoke log cabin is a big investment, and it is going to be there for a lifetime, so make sure you get the design you want.

Bespoke log cabin

A Residential Log Cabin

If you’re building a log cabin to live in for long periods, you will want a number of things:

  • easy to heat
  • low maintenance
  • stylish
  • affordable
  • built quickly

All of these are strong characteristics of Timber Living’s Log Cabins, and they’re headings we use all of the time when we write our marketing material for Facebook, google ads, and all of our other marketing projects. But there are a couple of things we never mention, and they are always FIRST on our clients’ list of priorities.

Your Log Cabin checklist.

When you’re choosing a log cabin, there are a couple of points you’ll put on top of your log cabin checklist. In fact, they’re so obvious, they’re rarely mentioned. They are, of course,

  • size,
  • number of rooms and
  • budget.

And if you cannot get the combination of these three right, you probably won’t be happy and probably won’t buy (which means we won’t be happy…)

Do you need that guest bedroom?

So often, we get people struggling to include a guest room in an already small cabin, for visitors who might show up for a night every eight or ten weeks. When you do the sums, you’re paying a lot of money to accommodate these visitors. (Now, we’re not suggesting it would be cheaper to forego the extra room and put your visitors up in the B & B down the road…)

But a decent sofa bed can be an excellent alternative to the spare room. And you can be sure that any visitors to your cabins will be quite happy to take the couch. The atmosphere in any log cabin is so comfortable and inviting that they are sure not to complain. That’s how I find the extra visitors to my cabin anyhow…

One Bed Log Cabin

Brittas One Bed Log Cabin
Cute and Cosy – Brittas One Bed Log Cabin

If you’re really pressed for space or finances and considering a one bed log cabin like the Brittas, you might be better off considering removing the bedroom wall, and making it an open plan, studio-style cabin, with a foldaway bed. Initially, it goes against the grain for Irish people, but the extra space you’d gain in the living area of the cabin would be well worth it.

I spent a year in France (many years ago) and we had a small studio apartment. It was a simple set-up – kitchen, bathroom and living room, which converted to a bedroom when the foldaway bed was unfolded! Cheap and cheerful!

Stretch that Two Bed Log Cabin

The Limerick Two Bed Log Cabin is our best-selling log cabin. Most visitors to the showhouse need little convincing when they see the size of the living area that the Limerick is the log cabin they’re looking for. Sometimes, though, bedroom space is an issue. The simplest thing to do in that case is to add a meter onto the bedroom end of the cabin, making both bedrooms quite a bit more spacious. It’s a simple, affordable solution, that often makes our clients’ minds up for them.

Two Bed Modular Log Cabin with extended bedrooms

Your Log Cabin, Your Way

Of course, we’d all like to build a fine big bespoke log cabin to our own design. Over the years we’ve built some really nice, individual cabins. Let me show you a few.



 Log Cabin Designs

We’ve included some bespoke log cabin designs in our catalogue of residential log cabins because the designs are so good. Here’s a quick list of those luxury log cabins for sale from Timber Living.

Blackrock bespoke cabin

Blackrock Log Cabin. A very dramatic looking premium log house, with the gable end, at over 16m long with a large overhang, giving this cabin great character It’s one of our favourite bespoke log cabins.


Callan 3 Bed Log Cabin

This Callan 3 Bed Log cabin has a very appealing large verandah and overhang. It was originally a bespoke design for one of our customers. The layout inside is something that a lot of people are looking for, incorporating a long hallway and large bedrooms. Definitely one to be considered if it’s within your budget.


Spiddal Two Bed Log Cabin.

This cabin is modelled on an old Irish country cottage, with a main living room and a small bedroom off either end. The design has been modernised with full glass doors. A great design of you’re looking to set up a small, countryside getaway.


The Kilmore Two Bedroom log cabin is a revised and extended version of our Tullow three-bed log cabin. The living area is the same size, but the windows have been changed around and made larger. The main bedroom in this is also quite large, with a walk-in wardrobe, and the main bathroom has also been extended.

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  1. Where about in Cork are you situated?

      Shannonpark Roundabout.
      Give us a call. 087 987 6473 to arrange a viewing.

  2. Hi, We wish to have an idea on the cost of a 3bed. 2bath. 150M2 – 180M2 aprx. open plan. Many thanks in advance Kind regards Sylvie

    1. Can you give us a call, please. 05991 81039
      We need definite sizes, inner walls, doors windows etc before we can price.

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