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Flat pack garden room

Best Garden log Cabins Ireland has on sale

Flat-pack garden room benefits

TimberLiving log cabins are excited with our new flat pack garden room range. Originally sourced and fabricated in Germany, these high-end garden log cabins are available as flat packs or delivered and built.

NILA flat pack garden room
Quality Garden House Log Cabin


Garden room flat pack vs. Log cabin

Our German flat pack garden rooms are built using only the best Arctic-grown Norway Spruce, sourced mainly in Scandinavia. The main difference between these flat-pack cabins and our residential log cabins is the insulation levels in the walls, floors and roof. If you’re only using your garden room for a couple of hours at a time, or mainly in the Summer months, there is no need to spend the extra money on insulation. Because, along with the insulation are a double wall construction, and you are increasing the amount of timber in your cabin, putting up both material and building costs.

Garden office solutions

Our garden rooms are ideally suited for a lot of uses, including:

  • garden office
  • gym
  • playroom
  • music room
  • getaway space (my favourite!)
Green NILA Garden Cabin
Poolside Garden Cabin

Building a flat-pack garden office kit

Building flat-pack garden room kits will keep you busy, but busy is good! Our flat-pack cabins come with clear instructions on how to build, but if you think it’s too much for you, we can build it for you, or you could get help from a friend or local handyman.

Any questions about our flat pack cabins?

Of course there are lots of questions about our products, including:

  • What is the cheapest way to build a garden room?
  • What is the cheapest garden room?
  • Is it worth getting a garden room?
  • Does a garden cabin add value?

Just call our offices or visit our showrooms and we’d be glad to let you know of all of the benefits.

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  1. What about planning ?

    1. Planning shouldn’t be a problem for anything under 25 sq metres.

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