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How long do residential log cabins last?

How long do residential log cabins last in Ireland? Log cabins are a sizeable investment, albeit a very clever and cost effective one. Nevertheless, for the amount of money you spend, you want to be sure that your investment will last. And last it will – for a lifetime.

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Log Cabins are durable, strong and reliable

How long do Residential Log cabins last in Ireland?

That’s a good question, and a very important one. People in Ireland are not familiar with residential log cabins: they’re only becoming a common option for living in now. (Although TimberLiving have been selling residential log cabins in Ireland for over twenty years…)

If you’re Irish, you almost certainly grew up in a up in block built houses (or an old stone building – freezing cold on the inside, both Winter AND Summer!). So its understandable tht Irish people might be inquisitive about the longevity of log cabins.

We all know that timber building is very, very common as a housing material in the States and all over Europe, but there is still an understandable reticence about trusting a timber building to last a lifetime. Many people have the notion that log cabins won’t last in Ireland because the Irish climate is a lot damper than any other country in the world (wrong!)

We do get wet winters, of course, but we’ve also got the windiest climate in Europe, and wind dries things, and Irish wind dries things very well.

As regards the damp, the proper stain protection on your residential log cabins will prevent any degradation due to damp. Have a read of our blog on staining your log cabin here:

But a log cabin, built with the highest quality timber, and with the highest quality design, will last you a very long time. As long as you maintain the exterior of your log house, keeping it dry, it will last a lifetime.

They make boats out of wood

They make boats out of wood, and they last a long, long time, putting up with the ravages and corrosiveness of seawater. So why not make log cabins out of timber? Timber houses are half the cost of block built houses because the on-site labour is so much less. All of our houses are produced in a Hi-Tech factory, using precision engineering methods to produce every piece of wood required for our log homes, cut accurately to the millimetre.

All of this means there is little to no onsite cutting, and the highly accurate machining and fitting also means reduced draughts and air leakage, and also a more rigourous building, which will not allow excessive movement of timber beyond that expected from a natural product.

Come and see for yourself

Visit our showrooms and see if you can find any piece of timber that was hand cut during the construction. You’ll be searching a long time! So, whether you’re looking for budget log cabins that are a quality bargain, come and see us now.


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Timber House built in 1926

Can you paint a log cabin home?

Once the exterior of your cabin is treated properly, your cabin will last a lifetime. But what about log cabin paint? Actually, you don’t use paint for your log cabin, you use a stain. We recommend using Sikkens. Have a read about our Log Cabin blog in relation to log cabin paint here.

TimberLiving log cabins Ireland provide the highest quality, best spec cabins in Ireland. We have been in business for over 20 years, and in that time we have built thousands of log cabins.

Would you like to visit a show house? We have show houses based in

  1. Tullow, County Carlow (Phone 05991 81039)
  2. Boyle County Roscommon, (086 817 0429)
  3. Carrigaline County Cork. (087 6464 280)

If you’re looking for a quality log cabin, we are the company to contact.

We have a wide range of cabin styles, from garden offices to Granny flats, to 1, 2 and 3 bed log cabins, And we can also produce bespoke designs. If you’re going for planning, we can provide you with a long-term residential cabin with an A3 BER rating.

So do yourself a favour and contact us today to see Ireland’s finest and best value log cabins.

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