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What is a Scandinavian log cabin?

Timber Living Scandinavian Log Cabins

Limerick Scandinavian log cabin in snow

Timber living log cabins supply the best quality Scandinavian log cabins Ireland has on the market, at the best prices. Scandinavian style, waiting for you at our nationwide showrooms.

To be honest, our log cabins are not made in Scandinavia! They’re not made in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. So you would agree that we do not sell a Scandinavian log cabins per se. But we do sell a Scandinavian style log cabin. In fact our log cabins are made in Latvia. But that is not a bad thing. We have been sourcing high quality log cabins from northern Europe for over 2 decades. At one stage we imported log cabins from Russia, believe it or not!

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Scandinavian log cabins from Latvia?

Yes, we import our Scandinavian log cabins from Latvia. We need to supply our customers with top quality log cabins at an affordable price. (You just have to take a look at our two bed log cabin , three bed log cabin and one bed log cabin pages to see for yourself!) That is why we use our current suppliers. We have been working with this company for over 10 years now and they have never let us down quality wise. And of course, their prices are good which means we can offer excellent prices to our customers.

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What makes a Scandinavian log cabin?

We feel we can call our log cabins Scandinavian log cabins because they have so many Scandinavian characteristics.

Scandinavian log cabin

Scandinavian style: Our high quality timber log cabins with their verandas and low pitched roofs and timber windows exude a certain Scandinavian style which is very very appealing to our customers. The minute somebody walks into a timber living log cabin for the first time, they always comment on the smell of the wood, the height of the ceiling, the atmosphere in the room. It is very satisfying to see them smile and appreciate our product.

Scandinavian cool: When I say Scandinavian cool, I’m really talking about how well insulated our cabins are and how easy to heat they are. We have high quality insulation in the walls, floors and ceilings of our cabins. Our Scandinavian log cabins are also reasonably airtight but not overly so. This means they are not draughty, which also means they are pretty well soundproofed to exterior noise.

Log cabin stove

So why not come to our showrooms around the country and take a look at our Scandinavian log cabins? We have showrooms in Tullow, County Carlow, Carrigaline County Cork, and Boyle, County Roscommon. You can all you can also come and see our cabins in Limerick in Rathkeale, and Galway city. Check the website for showroom locations by clicking on this link and give us a call if you’re going to Boyle (086 8170429) or Carrigaline (087 6464 280) in order to make an appointment.

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