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One Bed Log cabin Range

Roscommon Log Cabin Black and white

We have a fantastic range of one bed log cabins, from our smallest, delightfully proportioned DOWN one bed log cabin, through the variable multi-choice one bed log cabin, to our largest Mayo One bed log cabin with veranda. Of course, if one of these models isn’t ideal for you, we have plenty more on our web page for one bedroom log cabins. And then if you want to go more unique, we can of course build you a bespoke design log cabin.

Down One Bed Log Cabin

Down One Bedroom Log Cabin

Our smallest one bed log cabin, the Down log cabin, is ideal for anyone who has a restricted site size. This cabin is perfect as a granny flat where the main function of the cabin is privacy, comfort and warmth. While this granny flat is of course ideal for granny, it is also perfect for weekend visitors, or a den for Dad, or Mam (or both!) or the teenagers. If you are looking for extra space, this might be the ideal solution for you.

A Studio Apartment in your Garden!

Again, because it is so small, it might make sense not to include the bedroom wall. This will open up the interior space to over 20 square meters. This is the equivalent of having a studio apartment! All you need to include is a fold away bed and you are sorted.

Big Beautiful One Bedroom Log Cabin

The Mayo One Bedroom Log Cabin

The Mayo log cabin is the biggest off the shelf one bedroom log cabin that we offer. If you have the space, it is the perfect job for you. It has a fine, spacious bedroom and a very well proportioned living area along with a decent sized bathroom. Who would not feel at home in a dwelling like this?

You also have the option of adding on a veranda to the front. This is not everybody’s first choice, although it gives the log cabin great character from the outside. Also, you can go for rails and decking which adds even more to the character of this fabulous log cabin.

Multi-choice One Bed Log Cabin

One Bedroom Log Cabins Ireland
Timber Living Range of One Bedroom Log Cabins

We took a standard 5 by 5 log cabin and decided to offer choices to our customers in order that we could supply them with their optimal log cabin for their garden. So what you can see in the gallery below are the main choices in this multi choice log cabin option. We have the basic 5 by 5 model, With alternative of extended to the back by 1 meter in order to make the bedroom and living area bigger. The second option is to include a veranda with decking and rails at the front of the cabin to give the cabin more character. And then finally you can take both of those options together- bigger cabin with more character!

Come and visit us at our showrooms in Tullow, Cork, Roscommon, Galway or Limerick. Give us a call before you travel, and we would be delighted to go through the ins and outs of buying a log cabin. Unfortunately, we don’t have the complete range of cabins available to view at all of our showhouses, so ask questions before you travel so that you know what to expect when you get to us.

Hope to see you soon!

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