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Fabulous two-bedroom log cabin range

Two Bedroom Log Cabins

Are you looking for a high quality two-bedroom log cabin? We have a wide range of two-bedroom log cabins, starting small and cosy with our flagship model, the Sutton log cabin, and going all the way up to our to this writer’s favourite log cabin, the Easkey, the biggest of our two-bedroom log cabin range.

two-bedroom log cabin range

Who is the two-bedroom log cabin for?

Our two-bedroom log cabins are the optimum size for many. Presuming you have enough space, this could be the perfect solution for you. Usually our two-bedroom log cabins are purchased by couples or single people, who don’t really need it, but use it as an office.

Do I need a second bedroom?

Oftentimes a second bedroom makes a lot of sense. This extra room can be used for storage and other activities. Ideal as a small music room or office, it can also be used for art or a small gym. The extra room is a huge leap from a one bedroom to a two-bedroom log cabin but it’s something that should be considered.

Our range of two-bedroom log cabins

Click on the links below to see our different log cabins: Limerick , Sutton, Extendable, Charlie, Cavan with extra big windows, the Spiddal which is modelled on a traditional cottage floor plan, the Waterford, The Blarney, the Blackrock, the Easkey and the Kylemore.

Two Bedroom Log Cabin Grey
Limerick Two Bedroom Log Cabin

Waterford Two-bedroom log cabin

Waterford log cabin built
Waterford cabin with veranda

Kilmore Two Bed Log Cabin

Kilmore Two Bedroom Log Cabin
Kylemore Two Bedroom Log Cabin
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