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Our 3-bedroom log cabin range

3-bedroom log cabin plan in 3D

Are you looking for a 3-bedroom log cabin? The Timber Living 3-bedroom log cabin range offers a great choice of different sizes and prices, bound to suit your needs.

Who is our 3-bedroom log cabin range for?

Adare 3 bed log cabin Room Plan

Our 3-bedroom log cabin range is ideally suitable suited to two main groups: the young family starting out and looking for an affordable, reliable and easy to heat residence. Or the older couple who are downsizing from a big, four or five bedroom house that’s hard to heat and costly to maintain.

We have all sorts of 3-bedroom log cabins

Adare 3 bed log cabin Patio

Our 3-bedroom log cabin range starts at about 80 square meters with basic layout of living room/kitchen, 3 bedrooms and bathroom and extends to buildings with on suites and utilities as well such as our Adare model.

Wide range means wide choice for you

Let’s take a look at a few of our three bedroom log cabins. Our best seller is the Tullow 3-bedroom log cabin, which is ideally laid out for most of our customers. With an excellent spacious living and kitchen area along with reasonably sized bedrooms, it is a no-brainer for many buyers. The Ashford is based on the Tullow, but with a sheltering portico at the main door.

Flexible 3-bedroom log cabin

Tullow 3-bedroom log cabin sunny

We based our flexible 3-bedroom log cabin model on the Tullow because it is so popular. You can extend the bedrooms or the living room area and add a veranda if you wish.

The Ashford – 3-bedroom with Utility and Ensuite

a 3-bedroom log cabin under construction with a black roof

The Adare is based on the Tullow log cabin but it has been extended in length by about four meters to include an en-suite and a utility room, following many requests from our customers over the years.

Pick a cabin and take a look

In the gallery below you will see a number of different 3-bedroom cabins. You can also see this full range on our three bedroom log cabin page on the website where you will also get all the prices you are looking for. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have in relation to our log cabins.

3-bedroom log cabin gallery

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