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How much log cabin deposit should you pay? NOT 50%!


What size log cabin deposit should you pay?

Your log cabin is a major investment for you, so you will need to sort out your finances before you buy. As they say in business, cash flow is critical. And the first payment you make, your log cabin deposit, can really restrict your cash flow if the deposit is too high.

Don’t pay more than €4,000 log cabin deposit

Some log cabin companies in Irland regularly charge up to 50% deposit for their log cabins. We were really shocked to hear about this. Fifty per cent. WOW!

At Timberliving log cabins, we don’t charge more than €4,000 log cabin deposit for most of our log cabins. We believe it is a matter of trust with our customers. We want them to feel assured that we are a trustworthy business, for whom log cabin quality is paramount. Of course, we are in business and want to turn a profit, but we don’t believe it is right to charge someone 50% or more log cabin deposit, at the first stage of a project, when a customer might have to wait a number of weeks before seeing anything built for them.

Be careful who you give your log cabin deposit to.

Here is a very sorry tale…

sad log cabin deposit story
If a company is looking for a large log cabin deposit, walk away!
Just want to get it out there if your thinking of getting a cabin . I can’t think of a better way to warn people who are looking. Than to use a competitor site as at wits end. This comment is in no way related to Timber Living Ltd.
There’s a company called LogCabins4Less based in Kilkenny. Absolute scam artists. Ordered our cabin May 2020 it’s paid in full but still not up over a year later. The website looks great but it’s all to draw you in. Once they have your money they don’t want to know. Don’t even answer the phone and blocked me from their Facebook page. So can’t give this feedback there to tell of the terrible experience with them.
What a sorry tale of woe! Someone posted it on the Timberliving Facebook page. Imagine how they must feel! More than twelve months after paying the FULL AMOUNT for their log cabin (that’s a 100% log cabin deposit!) and still nothing built! And to add insult to injury, they won’t even take their calls and offer an explanation. Nobody wants to go down a legal route, but I wonder what other options these people have at this stage?

Why should a log cabin deposit be high?

There is no reason for a company to look for a very large log cabin deposit, unless they are in a difficult position financially. Generally, these log cabins are produced by factories in Scandanavia. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. These log cabin companies offer credit to the agent companies in Ireland. The Irish-based companies normally don’t have to pay the factories until the customers pay them, so why the need for a fifty per cent deposit. It makes no sense.
I would advise that if a company is looking for such a large log cabin deposit, be very, very wary.

At Timber Living, we have been building log cabins for over 25 years, and we never needed to look for large log cabin deposits. We were always able to manage our clients’ projects and provide them with high quality, cost effective, easily heated and long lasting log cabins, without extracting large deposits at the start of their log cabin project. And that is the way that it should be.

Be sure to contact us if you have any queries, financial or otherwise, and make an appointment at any of our showhouses around the country.

Take care:-)

2 thoughts on “How much log cabin deposit should you pay? NOT 50%!

  1. Most stupid article I’ve read in years. Marketing at its worst. Only financially stupid companies which dont understand business basics charges low deposits and article owner will not approve this comment as he will show his incompetence instead publicly.

    1. Thanks for your input.
      You seem a little upset. Would you like a hug?

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