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Which windows for your log cabin?

Log Cabin Windows

Choice is key when it comes to log cabin windows, because everyone’s taste is different

Windows are a very important element of your log cabin. They let the light in: they’re an architectural feature: they should also keep as much heat inside the cabin as possible. So, which windows do you choose when buying your cabin from Timber Living Log Cabins Ireland?

Full height PVC windows for your log cabin

We have the best log cabin windows

“The eyes are the windows to the soul”. Sounds like a completely irrelevant way to start this article, but bear with me! Of course, you’re going to need windows in your log cabin, but the windows do a lot more than just let the light in. Depending on your window size, they might not let enough light in. Then again, they might let too much heat out! Window choice is important!

Get the right windows for your log cabin

As you can see from the picture gallery above, we have a host of different window sizes and shapes, all of which are available to you.

Take a look at our Sligo log cabin as a great example of how you can light up your cabin interior with the right window choice.

And our Cavan Log cabin is another interesting choice. This cabin would be ideal as a holiday home, if your location has the stunning views.

Window Size and Shape

There is no restriction on the window size and shapes we can produce. Just ask any of our representatives, in Tullow, Boyle or Carrigaline, and we’ll be glad to talk you through all of the options.

Log cabin Window choices

Make sure you get the right shape of window for your log cabin. What factors should you consider?

  • South facing? There’s no doubt but that you should, if at all possible, have your main window wall facing south, or at least between south east and south west. You’re going to get the best light of the day, and also benefit much more from solar gain.
  • Balance Solar Gain with Heat Loss. If you’ve got a beautiful view, you’re going to want big windows to take in the view. There’s lots to consider here. Big windows are great, but they can lead to heat loss at night, so they need to be heavily curtained. And your curtains need to close off at the ends, so that the cold air behind them is trapped. Curtains that are away from the wall are ineffective, especially with large windows. The large window surface area can generate a draught, which will get the warm air in the cabin moving, and make it uncomfortable. So, by all means go for the large windows, but you’ve got to get a bit unconventional with your curtain-hanging. Want o know more about heating a log cabin?
  • Big Bedroom Windows? You don’t need a lot of light in your bedroom window, unless you’re the sort that likes to stay in bed til the sun is high in the sky. So, its probably best to keep your bedroom windows small, and, by reducing heat loss, cosy. This also means that you can put your bedrooms on the north-facing side of the building, and leave the living areas in the south-facing rooms.
  • Traditional Vs Modern Window frames. Wooden frames or pvc? Its a conundrum. Our wooden timber frames are very high wuality, amde from the best quality timber, sourced in Russia, so they are slow growing, and very strong and durable. They will last as long as you maintain them. But that is the key word – maintenance. Whie the beauty of timber cannot be fully replaced by PVC, the issue of maintenance cannot be avoided. So, if you’re going for a larger building, with lots of windows, the best advice is probably to sacrifice a bit of the traditional for th convenience of low maintenace PVC windows.
  • Double glazed, heat retaining. The major factor in double-glazed windows, besides the quality of the build – seal etc – is the gap in the window between the two panes. Always take a look at this gap – the bigger the better, the bigger the more heat is retained.
  • Cabin character. This is a difficult one to be definitive about, because it boils down to people’s tastes. Some people like a traditional looks in a log cabin, while others want something a bit more modern, more individual. But needless to say, your cabin windows really do define the character of your cabin. Usually, the choice is immediately clear to someone who is buying a cabin – as soon as they see what they like, they know it straightaway. The problems start when two people are buying, and they each want something different. But, at Timber Living, we have a wide range of log cabins, and we’re very good at finding you exactly whatyou’re looking for. Contact us now to arrange an appointment and a viewing of our log cabin showhouses.

Quality log cabin windows

At Timberliving, we realise the importance of high quality windows in your log cabin. If you come to any of our showrooms you can experience for yourself the high quality of the hardware in our windows. All of our windows are tilt and turn, double glazed timber frame windows. Notice the gap in the double glazing. This determines how well your in windows insulate you against the cold.

Timber frame or PVC windows in your log cabin?

The standard window in all of our cabins is timber. but if you are interested, we can also offer you PVC windows. PVC windows come in a wide range of colours. Of course, white is the standard colour and is a lot cheaper than a coloured PVC frame. This is because quite PVC windows are very commonplace and and the expected colour in the marketplace.

Coloured PVC Log Cabin Windows

You can see REHAU’s range of PVC windows here:

We offer a beautiful range of natural colours in coloured PVC windows from REHAU. Follow the link above to get a clear idea of the colours that are available. Coloured windows can look great in a log cabin – it all depends on personal taste. we have had come customers who have been adamant that they want the timber frame windows particularly for inside the cabin. timber windows painted white still look like timber windows, rather than PVC windows full stop and when you’re building your own log cabin, you should of course build it the way you want it. PVC has the benefit of low maintenance, but many people feel that you cannot beat the natural beauty of timber windows.

Window colour choice

Come to our log cabin show houses

Whether you’re looking for timber or UPVC windows, one, two or three bed cabins, a garden office or gym, you should come and visit us in our timber living show houses. We have show houses in Tullow, Boyle and Carrigaline. You will get all of our details on our contact page. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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