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March Madness Log Cabin Sale

Big log cabin sale bargains in March 2024

Log cabins in stock
March Madness Log Cabins

We are offering HUGE savings on our three most popular log cabins this March, 2024. This is a log cabin sale not to be missed! You can see all of the model log cabins for sale on our IN STOCK page.

Save €2,000 on our Limerick Two Bedroom Log cabin

Our Limerick log cabin is the most popular 2 bed log cabin in our log cabin sale range.

two bedroom log cabin plan

It has the perfect layout as a small starter home or holiday cabin. With a fine sized kitchen and living area, along with 2 bedrooms and a convenient bathroom, this cabin is a best seller for good reason.

This cabin is well insulated with a double wall including 100mm cavity filled with insulation, along with roof and floor insulation. The layout of this cabin can be altered easily by extending the back bedrooms by a metre. This is often the choice made by customers, as the extra meter makes an significant change to the usability of the bedroom, giving lots of extra storage space with a slide robe on the end wall. Unfortunately, this slide robe is not supplied by us!

Tullow Three Bedroom Log Cabin – SAVE €6,000

3D plans of 3 bed tullow log cabin

You can save a remarkable €6000 on our Tullow 3 bedroom log cabin.

This carbon can be viewed at our Tullow showrooms in Carlow, and also at our showrooms in Carrigaline, County Cork.

Save €8,000 on our Adare Three Bedroom Log Cabin

Adare 3 bed log cabin Room Plan

The Adare 3 bedroom log cabin has become a huge favorite amongst customers who are looking for something a little extra in their new log cabin home.

Similar to the Tullow 3 bedroom log cabin, the Adare is a modified version of this, extended by over 3 metres to include an ensuite bathroom and utility. This significant extension in the cabins length has made this an unbeatable design for most of our newer customers. And with an unbelievable €8000 off, this is an offer that is not to be missed!

Delivery in Six Weeks!

Not only are we offering unbelievable discounts on our flagship models in this log cabin sale, We can also offer delivery within six weeks, because we have a number of these particular models in stock at the moment. So, if you’re interested, come and see us at our showrooms around the country as soon as possible. This offer is not going to last forever, and it is an absolute steal!

Come visit us!

We have We have showrooms We have showrooms all We have showrooms all around the We have showrooms all around the country, in Cork, Carlow, Limerick, Galway and Roscommon. Take a look at the showrooms page on the website and you will get exact locations and contact phone numbers.

Make your appointment straight away and come see us as soon as you can!

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