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Log Cabins: The Surprising Solution to Our Housing Crisis

A TD in Limerick has proposed Log Cabins as an ideal solution to the housing crisis in Ireland. You can read the full article in the Limerick Post here: Log Cabins: The Surprising Solution to Our Housing Crisis.

Kilmore Two Bedroom Log Cabin

The housing crisis is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. A potential solution that has been gaining momentum is the use of log cabins. These structures offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional homes, while also showcasing a unique aesthetic appeal. With their versatility and environmentally friendly features, log cabins could hold the key to alleviating the housing shortage and creating a more balanced market.

Residential Log Cabins

We have a wide range of log cabins at Timber Living, from one bed log cabin granny flats, through two bed log cabin starter homes to three bed log cabins, all of which are ideal for residential use.

With double wall insulation, PVC windows and doors and a well-insulated, pressed aluminium, tile-effect roof, thee cabins will certainly last a lifetime. In the video below you can see Dermot Bannon saying that your log cabin can last a lifetime, “and all you have to do is re-paint it. You know, timber doesn’t rot if it’s built properly.”

Planning for a Housing Crisis

It seems half the nation is consumed with the housing crisis. We nearly spend more time talking about the housing crisis with visitors to our show cabins than we spend talking about he cabins themselves! But, I suppose it’s only natural. The cost of building in Ireland has gone through the roof (if you’ll excuse the pun!) And people are extremely worried about their own ability to put a roof over their heads, or over their children’s heads.

What's the solution to the housing crisis?
What is the solution to the housing crisis?

Rent Control?

The Irish Government’s Rent Control Scheme has been a complete disaster. The clue is in the title – rent control. Sure, the rents have not been controlled at all! Rents increased by 11% in new tenancies in 2023. ELEVEN PER CENT! Some control!

Talk to your TDs

Far be it from us to push anything political here, but we all need to contact our TDs and ask them what they plan to do to alleviate the housing crisis in their area. Let them know that log cabins are certainly an affordable option for building, and that a serious approach needs to be taken by them and the planners to find a way to make house construction cheaper.

There are a number of modifications that can be made to our standard log cabins to make them more appealing to planners.

  • Increase the wall, floor and roof insulation. (This is very straightforward, although it does, of course, increase the overall cost of the cabin.)
  • Use external insulation. The result of this is two-fold: increasing insulation, and protecting the external timber from the elements. (As you can see from the video above, the timber is perfectly well able to withstand the elements, if treated properly (every four years or so). But with external insulation, there is no need to for any treatment after construction.
  • Change the roof pitch. (This is just to make the log cabins look more like the “vernacular”. (Not necessary, but it might be a demand of the planners.)
  • Removal of the pronounced overhang at the front of the cabin. (Again, and aesthetic detail which might be a requirement for planning.)

In conclusion, yes, our cabins are an ideal solution to the housing crisis. We might say that is is not a “housing” crisis per se, but a crisis of poor management and governance in this country.


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