7 reasons to get your log cabin from Timber Living

Log Cabins Ireland – Over 20 years in the business

We’ve been in the log cabin business for over twenty years, and we’ve come across AND SOLVED every possible problem that might arise with Log Cabins Ireland. That’s why our cabins are designed specifically for the Irish climate, with weather boards, separate double leaf construction, excellent levels of floor, wall and roof insulation, and and other details.

Who sells the best log cabins in Ireland?

Of course we’re going to say that we sell the best log cabins in Ireland. But short of dragging you down to our show houses to prove it (we have ,,log cabin show houses in Tullow, Co Carlow, Carigaline, Cork, and Boyle Co Roscommon), how can we persuade you that our cabins are the best. Well, what with being in the log cabin business for over two decades, we have had lots of time to fins the best log cabin suppliers in Europe – and by best we mean highest quality log cabins, at a fair price. We have looked at over 50 suppliers throughout our time in the business, and we are confident that nobody could find find better quality, better value log cabins throughout the continent of Europe.

10-year guarantee on all log cabins

We’re quite happy to offer a ten year guarantee on our buildings. That’s because we closely monitor the rpoduction and installation of every log cabin. We stand over the quality of the product, and the workmanship that goes into the production and construction.

As you know, one bad job means ten lost customers, so we cannot afford to do a shoddy job for any customer. Anyway, our workmen take great pride in their work – they work hard and get great reward from building quality cabins to the best of their ability. You will be amazed to watch them work, IF you buy your cabin from us!

Our log cabins last a lifetime

As long as you treat a log cabin correctly, there is no reason why it will not last a lifetime. The high quality, kiln dried Norway Spruce timber from Siberia (many of the trees are 150 years old) wich we use is as good as it gets when it comes to timber for construction. These trees are very slow growing, and the grain is super-tight, so there will be no warping or bending in your log cabin walls, floors or roof. You can read all about the timber we use in our blog post here: What timber should a log cabin be built with

How to paint your log cabin

Maintenance of your log cabin is key if you want it to last a lifetime. The roof is well protected with our pressed steel, tile effect roof panelling. The floor is well protected in the way we build our log cabins – the cabin walls overhang the concrete base by ten millimetres all round, and we have a rain sill to ensure that the base is kept completely dry all of the time. The final element to maintaining your log cabin is treating the walls correctly. All you have to do is treat the walls with SIKKENS, or some other suitable stain (NOT PAINT!) and your cabin will last a lifetime. A stain allows the timber wlls to breathe – in other words, moisture is not trapped beneath the impermeable paint skin. This ensures the longevitiy of your log vcabin walls. Read more about not painting your log cabin here.

Double wall construction

If you’r goning to stay in your log cabin, it needs to be insulated. Some companies offer 75mm solid walls, with no insulation. This is a disaster in the damp Irish climate. Do not buy a cabin with this spec! You’ll have black mould growing behind your wardrobes and presses in no time. Very unhealthy!

Log cabin show houses nationwide

The great thing about TimberLiving is that, no matter where you are in Ireland, there’s a showhouse two hours away. herether you ome to see us in Cork (Carrigaline), Carlow (Tullow) or Roscommon (Boyle). Well worth the trip! You’ll be able to come into our show houses and experience firsthand the quality, comfort and style of our best quality log cabin buildings.

High quality windows and doors

You won’t find better double glazed, tilt and turn windows or doors from any other Log Cabins Ireland company. And we offer a range of chouices when it comes to windows and doors. Have a read of our blog on window choice for your log cabin here: https://www.timberliving.ie/post/which-windows-for-your-log-cabin

Log Cabin insulation

The insulation you choose is very important for your log cabin. You want the cabin to be warm nd easy to heat. That’s why we put a minimum of 100mm of insulation in our walls and roofs. And in the floor, we ALWAYS use PIR (Kingspan) insulation. If a company is putting rockwool in the floor, walk away! Read more about log cabin insulation here; https://www.timberliving.ie/post/how-well-are-log-cabins-insulated

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