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We build Timber Frame Bungalows

a timber frame bungalow with a lawn and trees

We are very excited to announce that we are building timber frame bungalows. Based on the techniques, technologies and materials of our excellent log cabins, these timber frame bungalows are high quality and meet all building and fire regulations.

Laburnum Timber Frame Bungalow

Market conditions have changed in Ireland. There is a huge lack of affordable housing and rents have gone through the roof. So we decided to look at the options for producing long lasting homes two building regulations, at the right price.


Energy and cost of heating is a very important factor in housebuilding these days. Timber frame construction lends itself to lower house heating costs. With our technology and construction methods, we can offer an A2 BER rating off your plans.

We currently have a range of four different timber frame bungalows available on our website. They vary in size from 101 square metres to 182 square metres, and of course the price varies correspondingly.

Laburnum Timber Frame Bungalow

The Laburnum (121.5 sq.m.)

The LABURNUM Bungalow, with it’s vaulted ceiling, surprises and delights the visitor, the openness of the ceiling going against the norm, with welcoming results.
The LABURNUM offers three beds, kitchen/living area, en suite, utility and hallway.
A2 BER. Ready for planning.

The Linden (155 sq.m.)

The LINDEN welcomes the visitor with its spectacular full height corner windows in the living area.
A large, contemporary designed bungalow, with four bedrooms, en suite and large bathroom.
A2 BER. Ready for planning.

Linden three bed timber frame bungalow
Laburnum Timber Frame Bungalow

The Oakridge (101 sq.m.)

If you’re looking for a contemporary
design bungalow built with energy
costs and space efficiency in mind, the
Barrow Timber Frame is the model
for you.
Sleek, modern bungalow design.
Perfect three bed size. A2 BER. Ready
for planning.

A2 BER. Ready for planning.

The Ashton (182.5 sq.m.)

Dynamic, diverse design. That’s what the ASHTON offers. A new way of looking at house design, where the quieter, sleeping quarters are separated from the daytime, living area by an airy. well-lit corridor.
Impressive, spacious and flowing, the ASHTON is first choice for those looking for a new, fresher take on modern living.
A2 BER. Ready for planning.

Linden three bed timber frame bungalow

Technology Best Practices

Timber Frame Wall Section

To build our low energy, sustainable timber frame bungalows, we work off a 45 millimetre think timber wall, as we do in our log cabins. But we have multiple extra layers of insulation, cladding and membrane to improve the quality and insulation levels of our timber frame buildings.

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