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Log Cabin or Timber Frame Walls

Timber Frame Technical wall section

Timber frame walls or log cabin – what’s the difference?

a timber frame house with a patio and trees

what’s the difference between timber frame walls and a log cabin?

If you’re seriously considering building a house with timber frame walls, you should take a look at our range of fully-priced timber frame homes. We have a full collection of technical drawings available for all of our quality timber frame homes, and we can also price your own bespoke timber frame home design. If you’re interested, we can build frame homes to passive standards.

A timber frame building generally has a lot more layers in the walls and roof then you will find in a regular log cabin. These extra layers mean, in effect, that a timber frame building is going to be more expensive than a log cabin. Coupled with the fact that our timber frame buildings are specified with a minimum of 6 inches of insulation, bumping the price up even further.

Section through our timber frame walls

Timber Frame walls section
Details of construction of A2 Timber Frame Wall

Within our timber frame buildings we have a number of layers as you can see in the graphic above. The most obvious difference at first glance between timber frame walls and a log cabin is that the exterior of the timber frame section that we use is cement board and the interior is plasterboard. Along with these two layers we have 6 inches of insulation Aqua board, A50 millimetre well ventilated void and other layers of material for weather protection.

Weather protected timber frame

Weather protection and longevity are very important to us at timber living, so we have had our timber frame walls specially designed. You will notice a PVC vent with insect mesh at the base of our walls how long with Aqua board which is a cement board and highly weather resistant when rendered.

Log Cabin Wall Options

We offer our log cabins in 2 variations: exterior timber and exterior a cement board.

Timber or Cement Board Exterior?

For some customers this choice is very clear, while for others it is a difficult choice to make. A lot of people come to us with the idea of a log cabin with its timber exterior, and that is of course the traditional cladding for log cabins.

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