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Lead-in Time for a log cabin

Do I have enough lead time for a log cabin

What is the lead-in Time for a log cabin?

So, you’re planning on building a log cabin. You need to get your ducks in a row! Before the log cabin builders arrive, you need to get your base built. And you also need to contact a plumber and electrician, and of course, who’s putting in the kitchen! So many things to line up – so little time…

Do I have enough lead-in time for a log cabin?

There’s no need to panic! The lead-in time for a log cabin from Timber Living is from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on what we have in stock. That’s plenty of time to get your builder in and have them prepare the base for you.

How much will the builder do for me?

Before your builder starts, we will provide you with accurate drawings of your cabin, and will also let you know the EXACT size base that is required for your cabin. Base types vary, depending on whether you’re building a Garden Room or a Residential Log Cabin.

Your builder will carry out some key tasks, including:

Your builder might also be able to recommend a plumber and electrician. Depending on the region you are building in, we at Timber Living might be able to recommend builders, electricians and/or plumbers. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Also, when it comes to electricians, make sure your electrician can certify the work carried out. You’ll need this certification for insurance purposes. You can find a certified electrician here.

When do the electrician and plumber come?

Your plumber and electrician will come to your residential log cabin two times – once for the first fix, wires and pipes, and then a return visit to finish off. Normally this should take about half a day for both, depending on the complexity of the job.

This works for us because we come to you two times when building residential log cabins. On our first visit, we will build the outside walls and ceiling boards, and then we will install all the doors and windows. We return in a week or two to complete the job, after the electrician and plumber have done their first fix. So it is important to impress upon the tradespeople the importance of turning up when agreed!

Your electrician will tell you that the biggest cost for the job is the actual wire and switches/sockets/fuse-board etc., and that the labour is a smaller element of the overall cost.

Do I have enough lead-time for a log cabin?

Yes, you have plenty of lead-time for a log cabin. But you are bound to have lots of questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any of our showrooms and we’ll be delighted to explain the ins and outs of building a log cabin.

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