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Get a Log Cabin – best New Year’s Resolution Ever!

Whichever way you look at it, a Log Cabin is a great investment – quick to build, long lasting, easy to heat and a whole lot cheaper than the alternatives.


Beautiful Log Cabin interior

Do I need planning permission for a log cabin in Ireland?

A lot of people as us if planning permission is an issue for their garden log cabin? Did you know that that we have a couple of cabins that are under the 25 square meter planning permission limit? You could take a look at the Brittas Log Cabin, which is the favourite of our customers, or the Down Granny Flat, which is a tad smaller, but still very well laid out. And of course, we have plenty of other sizes, including our very successful two bedroom log cabin range, if you’re looking for something bigger. Just call to any of our showrooms and we’ll be delighted to help.



Log-term Benefits of Log cabins

We have been building log cabins in Ireland for over twenty years, and that is why we’re only too pleased to offer a ten year guarantee with all of our cabins. The quality of the timber used in the cabins (Norway Spruce from Siberia) is so good, that your cabin will last a lifetime, as long as it is well treated. The timber grows very slowly, since there are only three months of real growth per year. This means that the wood-grain is extremely tight, compared to Irish gron timer. Tight wood-grain means no warping, twisting, or bending of the log cabin timbers, keeping your log cabin draught-free and leak-proof for the duration!


Cheap and easy to heat log cabins

Because your log cabin is so well insulated, there will be no problem when it comes to cozyness and heating bills. We use high-quality insulation in the floors, walls and roofs of our cabins, and if you’re interested, we can actually increase the level of insulation. Also, the cabins are relatively air-tight, which means there are no draughts that might take away any heat from inside.


What heating system for your Log Cabin?

You can use any form of heating to warm your log cabin- oil /gas / wood pellet boiler with radiators, stove (with or without back boiler), electric radiators, heat pumps – the list is endless.


Are log cabins built quickly?

Its unbelievable how quickly we can build a log cabin. You could have your cabin built and ready to move in to in four weeks, if you had all your ducks lined up, but it is not unreasonable to expect to be ready to move in to your log cabin after two months.

In week on, we build the outside walls, and in week two we do the insulation and the inside walls. Your electrical and plumbing work is done at the same time, so after two weeks (depending on cabin size, of course) you’re ready to put in your kitchen and get decorating. No bother!


So, why not start the year off properly with a visit you one of our showrooms? Give us a call at 05991 81039, and we’ll organise an appointment straight away!

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