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Log Cabins – perfect garden offices!

Cosy, compact and cost-effective log cabin garden offices from Timber Living

Insulated Garden Offices

We have the perfect solution for anyone looking for a workshop or garden office. Our log cabins are ideal buildings for all sorts of practical uses, with their solid log construction, quality double-glazing, high-level of insulation – you can create a very placid atmosphere in a timber Living log cabin garden office. Take a look at our Feakle cabin as an example.

Whatever Log Cabin size you want!

We offer all sorts of variations in our garden offices, so you can get EXACTLY the workspace you want, at the best price.

  1. A huge range of sizes, from 3m x 4m upwards to bespoke log cabins

  2. Choice of single or double doors

  3. Double glazing comes as standard

  4. Single wall or cavity wall construction

  5. A range of insulation levels

  6. Log Home Verandah maybe?


Contemporary Log Cabin designs

Some people like the more modern, “Shomera” style of cube garden room or garden office pod. If that’s to your taste, no problem! Take a look at our Comtemporary page to get ideas of contemporary designs. And remember that we can build whatever size log cabin you want – you don’t need to go along the traditional route, and neither do you have to pick one of the plans on offer in the website. We are quite happy to build the sie and shape of garden office you want – you just have to come along to one of our showrooms and let us kow exactly yhe details for the cabin you’re looking for, and we will get it priced up in a couple of days.

Contemporary Log Cabin Design

Bespoke Log Cabin Designs

For whatever reason, you may not find what you’re looking for in our wide range of log cabins. Perhaps the space you have available for you to build does not suit the cabins we offer, or maybe you have a particular view, and want to re-configure the windows to facilitate that. There may also be a situation where you need a reception room, changing room, treatment room, or seperate indicidual offfices for different workers. Whatever configuration you need in your garden office, we can supply that for you.


Log Cabin Workspaces

We have produced log cabin offices for lots of different workplaces. You’d be very surprised to see the range of businesses which our cabins are suitable for. Perhap the most unexpected building we ever produced was a changing room and canteen for workers at an abbattoir! I supose that just goes to show that our buildings are ideal for nearly eery situation! Some other previous bespoke log cabin offices and workplaces include:


Physiotherapy and other treatment rooms

We have provided treatment and therapy rooms for lots of different medical practitioners, from physiotherapists to accupuncturists, homeopathists, psychotherapists, mindfulness and meditation teachers, masseurs etc. These garden offices often many different rooms, including a reception area, treatment room, shower/changing room and kitchen.


Log Cabin Office space

Our log cabins are ideal for office space because they are so well heated, can be configured with any number of windows and doors, they are built quickly, and are very easily wired for technology.


Log Cabin Creche

We have supplied creche buildings nationwide. Our cabins create a beautiful, soothing atmosphere which is ideal for a creche. The speed of build is also a benefit for creche companies, which may find they need to expand within three months (as with log cabin buildings) rather than in a year or so, which is how long it would take a block building construction.


How long will a log cabin last?

Of course, if you’re spending money on a building in which you intend to make more money (!), you want that building to last. ANd we always tell our customers that a TimberLiving Log Lcabin will last a lifetime, as long as it is properly maintained. But maintainance of a log cabin is not a huge chore. Not at all! You will need to redo the external finishing every three or four years, depending on how exposed your log cabin is to the wind and rain. We always recommend Sikkens exterior wood stain for our cabin exteriors. This excellent product does a great job at keeping the water out, and also letting the wood of the walls breathe. Its a straightforward application, with a short rying time, cso your log cabin can be done and dusted in a couple of days.

Another secret to keeping your log cabin going over the years is hidden in the way we build our cabins, from the ground up. You require a concrete slab which is shorter by ten millimetres all round than the cabin which sits on it. This ensures that water cannot pool under the cabin, which means the wood cannot rot. An additional safety feature ith regard to this is the throated rain sill which runs all around your cabin at the base of the walls. This throated rain sill throws water off the foot of the cabin, and prevents any pooling at the cabin base. A very important detail in our log cabins!

We also include weather boards at the exterior ends of our overlapping walls. These weather boards ensure that the ends of our horizontal wall drop logs are not exposed to driving rain. If they were exposed to driving rain, there is always the possibility that rain would run along the horizontal joint, and lodge at the wall corners. This is now prevented by the weather boards mentioned above.


If you would like to learn more about our log cabin construction and high build quality, you should come along to one of our showrooms. Just give us a call, or come visit us in Tullow, Boyle or Carrigaline. We’d be delighted to show you around.

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