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Are log cabins sustainable in today’s climate

Two Bedroom Log Cabin in snow

Are log cabins sustainable?

Log cabins can be considered a sustainable way of building under certain circumstances. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Renewable resource: Wood used for log cabins is a renewable resource, which means that it can be regrown and harvested again and again.
  2. Low carbon footprint: The carbon footprint of a log cabin is generally lower than that of a conventional house.
  3. Energy-efficient: Log cabins have excellent insulation properties, meaning they retain heat in cold weather and stay cool in hot weather. This reduces the need for fossil fuels to heat or cool the home.
  4. Durability: Log cabins can last over a hundred years, which means that they require less reconstruction or replacement as long as they are properly maintained. (We have a video of this on our videos page:
  5. Local sourcing: Building a log cabin often involves sourcing materials locally, reducing transportation costs and minimizing the carbon footprint.
  6. Concrete is a hugely unsustainable product – the energy used in creating cement for concrete and concrete blocks is enormous and creates a huge carbon footprint.

However, some concerns can also be raised regarding the sustainability of log cabins, so you need to be sure the company you deal with have responsible environmental policies in place. Appropriate harvesting of timber is essential, preventing deforestation and land degradation. Our cabin suppliers only purchase their lumber from providers with sustainable re-planting policies.

Also, precise cutting and fitting of log cabins can result in significant waste of lumber. At Timber Living, the latest and best timber fabrication technology is used in production, keeping waste to a minimum, and therefore reducing costs to the consumer.

Our timber is kiln-dried to European standards, ensuring that there is no threat of pest infestation, and also meaning there is no need for chemical treatments, which are not entirely environmentally friendly.

Therefore, ensuring responsible harvesting of lumber and sourcing materials should be taken into account when considering the sustainability of a log cabin.

Are log cabins sustainable? We use the same timber from the same source in all of our cabin buildings, including our saunas and garden offices.

Deloitte suggests in their article  that “The higher upfront cost of sustainable buildings can be offset by a lower long-term life cycle cost.” But we would contend that a more sustainable building does NOT have to cost more!

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