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Log Cabins and Climate Change

Log cabins are ideally positioned to make a great contribution in the battle against climate change, if only the planners would accept them. And in some cases they are accepted by planners. There is nothing more sustainable, no method of building more environmentally friendly than building homes with timber.

Concrete block buildings have a huge carbon footprint. There is an enormous amount of energy that goes into creating the cement which is used in turn to create the blocks. There is the extra energy used in transport of the materials to factories for processing, and then to the site for building. Add in the energy used in handling all of the materials on site too, and the carbon dioxide emissions levels keeps on building up and up. And wherever there’s concrete, you’ll find steel too. And the energy used (and the ensuing emmissions) are huge for the steel industry.


On top of all the emmissions due to the large amounts of concrete and steel used in the building, we ned to factor in the fact that such a heavy weight building requires a much bigger foundation, also made of lots of concrete and steel. Oops! More emmissions! Really, its a bonkers way to build, when you think about it…


Log Cabins – Environmentally Friendly Homes

The beauty of log cabins when it comes to climate change, is the fact that when the trees are growing theygrow on carbon – they take carbon in from the air as they grow, thus helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. And as the log cabin industry cevelops and grows due to market demand and (hopefully) more cabin friendly regulations) the producers will be encouraged to grow sustainable forests, in order to provide trees for the industry long in to the future.


In truth, the Russian forestry industry has been operating on a sustainability moel for over a century, always planting trees to replace trees that have been felled to produce new products. Its great to hear that such foresight and common sense has existed for so long, and that we are benefitting now, since the Russian forests are still available to us, and have not been farmed out of existence!

Log cabins – good for the environment

Log cabins – the environmentally-friendly choice

Because Timber Buildings weigh 20% of the weight of concrete buildings, there is a huge reduction in the required concrete Foundation. Wood also replaces steel in log cabin homes – another reduction in the fossil fuel used to create the residential log cabin.


Roof tiles – another factor that people forget about. If you want (say) blue bangor roof tiles on the roof of your home, that’s the weight equivalent of putting a car on the top of your house! This requires much stronger roof support, stronger walls and a stronger foundation – all of which increase hugely your house’s carbon footprint. So much cheaper and easier, and lighter, but just as insulating, to use single roofing panels. And less chance of losing a tile in the next storm!

Unbelievably, concrete is responsible for up to 8% of global carbon emissions. It is the second most abundant material on Earth, after water! And it has a huge environmental impact. It’s hard to believe that a cubic metre of wood contains the equivalent carbon of 350 litres of petrol, but it’s true. The more of this type of information that people can learn about timber, the better off we will all be. It has been found buy a study in the UK that the use of timber in buildings is the greatest opportunity for greenhouse gas abatement in a low carbon economy, since the wood replaces steel, concrete and brick. Have a read of this article from the BBC: Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change?

Many epople will tell you that there is a strong concrete lobby in the country, which is working against the construction of residential log cabins. Of course the Construction Industry should work to protect their members rights, but in this era of climate emergency, don’t we all have an obligation to look for opportunities to change our ways in order to help the environment? Homes will still have to be built – maybe its time to look seriously at building all of our buildings – not just homes, from timber? If we get into this timber building industry now, we could lead the field and supply Europe with materials, expertise and technology – the market is there, developing rapidly and waiting.

What an opportunity for the Government! If only the government could wake up to the huge benefits of these fantastic timber homes. Seize theday! .

Log Cabins Range

So, whether you’re looking for a one bed granny flat, a two bed garden chalet, or a 3 bed log cabin home, you you can enjoy the fact that your log cabin is so environmentally friendly. Of course we also produce bespoke log cabins, if that is what you are looking for.

So why not give us a call at one of our showrooms in Tullow, Carrigaline or Boyle? You’ll get all of our details on our contacts page.

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