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Log Cabin Finance available on our log cabins

Once you’ve seen the wisdom and value in buying a log cabin, you’ll be eager to get going and complete your purchase. Of coure, a log cabin is not a cheap purchase, and most people will have to organise finance for their new log cabin. There are lots of different ways to finance your new log cabin. Credit Unions are a very popular option with a lot of our customers. Another way is through a long term loan from Flexifi. Timber Living Log cabins have teamed up with FlexiFi, who offer finance on our log cabins.

You can apply here: FlexiFi Apply Here

Log Cabin Finance Options

Financing a log cabin is a great idea!Think about it – a two bed log cabin will cost you €28,000 upwards. Now, if you’re currently paying (say) €600 a month in rent to your lovely landlord, that means you’re handing over over seven grand a year, and with nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Fice years rent, in this exampple, is €36,000! Thirty six thousand euro! That makes absolutey NO sense. Imagine the cabin you would have after five years and thirty six thousand euro!

So, we can agree that you’ll easily pay back your log cabin with whatever you’re paying for rent at the moment. But before you jump in and make a purchase, you need to think about the BEST place to get your money.

Where can you get finance from?

Getting finance is never easy, but for a log cabin, it never made so much sense. Building a log cabin is going to cost about half of the amount that a block built house costs, so its a no brainer. And, you’ll pay for your cabin with (probably) less than whatever you’re paying for rent at the moment. Payback might be over 5 years or more, but, its all do-able, and all good. But where to get the finance?

  1. Credit Union (Always the best place to start.)

  2. FlexiFi

  3. Family / Friends. (If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. People are often delighted to be able to help…)

  4. Banks. (Unlikely that you’ll have much success here, but, depending on your standing, you might be able to sort something out.)

Credit Union Finance for Log Cabins

A lot of people have a few misconceptions about Credit Unions, and it is no harm to clear these up for you right now. The most important thing you need to know about Crefit Unions is that:


Did you know that? I bet you didn’t! Its always a surprise for people to learn this. Now, not all Credit Unions will give loans for log cabins, and there my be difffernt loan levels, depending on the individual credit union, and the prospective customers financial record, employment status, credit rating and level of savings. But there is definitely no harm in going to your credit union and asking them about finance for your log cabin. They’re definitely the most open financial institution when it comes to log cabins, according to our customers experiences over the last coule of decades.


Log Cabin Finance from Flexi Fi

I’m sure you’ve heard of Flexi-Fi? They seems to be everywhere, from Harvey Norman to the Cycle Superstore! Flexi-Fi are a finance company, and we actually pay them a fee to offer their services to our customers, so it means that its difficult forus to offer discounts to cutomers who are using Flexi-Fi. Nevertheless, discount or no, if you can get your loan from Flexi-Fi, you’re still going to be way better off after five years, with the keys of a beautiful TimberLiving log cabin in your hand, than you would have been by paying rent for those sixty months!


Its easy to apply for finance for your log cabin

Flexi-Fi make it as easy as possible for you to apply for a loan for your log cabin. All you have to do is click on this link. You’ll be taken through the brief process once you go through.

If you apply for a loan over 5 years, you will have to pay €775 a month, which, if this amount is something you can fford at the moment, means you’re already a step closer to owning your own cabin already! And you’re also a lot clsoer to living mortgage free, AND rent free! WOW!


Payment Schedule on your Log Cabin

If you make the eminently wise decision to buy your log cabin from Timber Living, we always ask for a deposit on the date of order. This usually amounts to about 15% of the final price for the cabin. SO, for a €28,000 cabin, we would look for a deposit of €4,000. After that, we look for three more payments. The second payment is for €16,000, payable when we arrive on site with the cabin. Another payment of €4,000 is due when we get the cabin to roof level. The final payment of €4,000 is due when we complete the cabin build and are ready to leave the site.

All of these details can be finalised with Fergus or Valerie at Head Office when you order your TimberLiving Log Cabin.


Come and see us at one of our showrooms and we can advise you further.

we have a wide range of designs and plans avialable on our website: = One Bedroom Log Cabins = Two Bedroom Log Cabins = Three Bedroom Log Cabins

We are also delighted to deliver Bespoke Log Cabins, if you have a particular design in mind.

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