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Furnishing your log cabin – on a budget

Cozy log cabin interior

Furnishing your log cabin on a budget

Furnishing your log cabin is definitely the fun part of getting a log cabin. And it can really be done for not a lot of money. See below how we found so many bargains online:

  • Kitchen: €1200
  • Sofa: €120
  • Bathroom suite: €300
  • Bedrooms: 250
  • Stove: €650
  • Total: €2,520

While a log cabin is a great buy – setting yourself up mortgage-free is something a lot of people can only dream of – its still going to cost a lot of money. Cutting corners on the log cabin itself is a mistake – you need a quality cabin that will last, be easy to heat, comfortable and DRY.

So, once your cabin is built, you will need to get decent furnishings to make the cabin your own. and are great sources of quality furnishings at great prices. A lot of people, once they get themselves a new couch (say) just want to get rid of their old one as quickly as possible. Sometimes you might even get a couch for free. (The couch in the featured image of this post was free! Worth over €3000 new, from Adverts!)

Lets look for log cabin furniture!

I thought it would be interesting to go through Donedeal and see how much it would cost to furnish a standard two bed limerick log cabin from Donedeal. I’ll spend the next hour browsing and see what’s available in my region now.

Your cabin kitchen

kitchen bargainThe secret when looking for a QUALITY kitchen in Donedeal is to search for “granite” in the kitchen section. Anyone who can afford a granite counter-top will have spent money on quality timber for the doors and presses too , appliances, the drawer fillers and handles.

Here’s the best I found after ten minutes looking:

Ivory shaker kitchen for sale included granite tops, double oven and microwave, ceramic hob, sink and taps, extractor fan, dishwasher

Only €1,200!

contemporary sofa

Lets find a nice sofa!

Of course we’re going to need leather to make our cabin evenings extra special. There are all sorts of styles and conditions available on Donedeal. And everyone has their own taste when it comes to furnishings.

I found this large white sofa for only €120! I think it looks great, but it’s white! So if you have pets or kids it might not be an option. Anyway, when it comes to log cabin furnishing, there’s a lot of choice out there!

Sofa price: €120



It’s time for a shower!

Bathroom fittings can run to a tidy sum, depending on what you’re buying, but once bought, bathroom fittings don’t really go out of fashion. So what you buy should be still with you for the duration. What we need for the cabin is a shower enclosure and electric shower, sink and loo. Shouldn’t be too hard to find!

After ten minutes I found a fascinating suite, including a loo, very modern circular sink with under-sink unit, and a Jacuzzi bath! And all for only €300!

OK, not everybody’s cup of tea, but it illustrates the point again that you can get some excellent deals online when furnishing your log cabin.

Bathroom suite: €300

Furnishing your bedroom

Wardrobes and beds next. Lets look for a double bed, a single bed, a wardrobe and chest of drawers. .

Wow! The first ad I see is a double bed for €60. I’ll take it!  And a single bed for free! There’s a nice large wardrobe for €30. Throw in a lamp or two and a chest of drawers. Shall we say €250 in total?

Bedrooms: €250

stoveHeating your log cabin

There’s a gas stove for €50 on Donedeal! including a necessary flues etc. It’ll cost you €250 to get that fitted if you’re not up to doing it yourself.  It’s a Tiger gas stove, which cost about €1,000, and you’re not doing too badly with this one!

You’ll have to get someone to put the flue out through the wall or roof, and make sure it’s fireproofed. You’ll also need tiling on the wall behind in order to protect the wall from the heat. Your plumber should be able to set up the gas connection and ensure its safe. If we add on the €250 for fitting, and let’s say €300 for a hearth and tiling, you’re on fire for a total of €600.

Stove: €600

Keep hunting! There are loads of bargains out there!



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