Timber Living’s garden house Lapland


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  • dimensions

    Wall thickness: 85 mm
    Dimensions: 2.65 mx 4.85 m

  • walls

    85 mm pre-assembled frame construction including built-in rock wool insulation with an internal vapor barrier on a solid base construction. Interior paneling and exterior paneling with 20 mm polar spruce profiled wood.

  • floor

    Impregnated base frame with joists h-6 cm and 20 mm tongue and groove planing boards.

  • door

    90/195 full insulating glass with aluminum threshold, sealing profile, handle/lock.

  • Window

    1 hand turn/tilt insulating glass window with milled sealing profile and aluminum rain rail.

  • terrace

    30 mm slotted floor on base frame.

  • Wood

    wood untreated.

    Roof covering with bitumen shingles in black, red or green


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