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  • dimensions

    Width x depth: 6.10 x 2.20 m
    , height approx. 2.50 m
    , roof pitch: 1.4°

  • walls

    91 mm in a pre-assembled frame construction with built-in insulation made of stable rock wool with an internal vapor barrier, made of aluminum foil, on a base construction.
    Interior paneling 16 mm sauna profile wood made from polar spruce, in a special Softline profile.
    Outer paneling 30 mm polar spruce profiled wood in Sun profile. Fastened horizontally.

  • floor

    Impregnated base frame with joists h-6 cm and 30 mm tongue and groove planing boards.

  • Roof

    20 mm tongue and groove roof boarding on rafters, including insulation between rafters, clad with rock wool panels, aluminum foil and 16 mm Softline sauna profile wood. (without roof covering)

  • door

    Approx. 90/200 full insulating glass with sealing profile handle and lock.
    Sauna 8 mm ESG safety glass door with door seal and bar door handle.

  • Window

    Design insulating glass element with fixed center bar, height approx. 200 cm.

  • interior design

    Interior fittings in a 3-piece design: made of special softwood, which is very comfortable in direct physical contact. Few knots, resin-free and low thermal conductivity.
    2 sauna loungers at the top, 1 large lounger at the bottom. 2 backrests, 2 head wedges, 1 sauna lamp.

  • Technology

    9 kW stove, approx. 80-120 kg infusion stones with control unit for the Finnish sauna bath. Inner casing and stone grate made of stainless steel.
    Digital controller, 30°C – 115°C. Control range, heating time limitation. Temperature sensor, safety temperature limiter.

  • Wood

    wood untreated.

    Roof covering with EPDM foil 1.2 mm incl. adhesive 1 outlet and downpipe

    For indirect lighting, with remote control. Mounting behind the backrests. On/off, dim brighter/darker. Color selection from 9 colors: white-red-orange-yellow-light green-green-light blue-blue and magenta. Scene selection and automatic color change programs.

    Double floor with insulation

    Installation of side canopy

    Installation of the sauna house


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