Garden house PANORAMA PLUS flat roof


Pay €250 Booking Deposit only.

All booking deposits fully refundable. We will contact you to finalise contract on receipt of your booking deposit.

Total includes Vat, delivery & build on pre-prepared base.
Not included:
base, electrics, plumbing-heating, painting.

Your options:

  • Available in all sizes from TIMBER LIVING
  • Individual design possible
  • Assembly country-wide
  • dimensions

    Roof overhang: front – 0.80 m rear – 0.30 m laterally – 0.30 m
    roof pitch: approx. 0.8 – 1.9°
    eaves height: 2.47 m

  • walls

    Made of 45 mm / glued 60 mm / 95 mm  Nordic spruce logs with multiple tongue and groove. The precisely fitting milling of the four-sided combed corners results in a special stability. Wall projections not decorated.
    Incl.: Threaded rods, these keep the planks extra tight together for years.

  • floor

    Stable, impregnated and mortised base frame with floor joists h-60 mm and 20 mm tongue and groove planed planks.

  • roof

    Made of 20 mm tongue and groove roof boarding and glued rafters including gable panels.

  • door

    Entrance door 98/200 made of white plastic, fully insulated glass with PZ security lock.

  • window

    1 tilt-sliding door 260/200 made of white plastic with full insulating glass. 1 wing to open, 1 wing fixed.

  • Wood

    wood untreated.


The photos shown are for reference only and show some individually modified special models!
Misprints and mistakes , technical or other changes as well as changes in the availability of individual products are expressly reserved .


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