Timber Living’s outdoor sauna JOY ONE


Pay €250 Booking Deposit only.

All booking deposits fully refundable. We will contact you to finalise contract on receipt of your booking deposit.

Total includes Vat, delivery & build on pre-prepared base.
Not included:
base, electrics, plumbing-heating, painting.

Your options:

  • Available in all sizes from TIMBER LIVING
  • Individual design possible
  • Assembly country-wide

The photos shown are for reference only and show some individually modified special models!
Misprints and mistakes , technical or other changes as well as changes in the availability of individual products are expressly reserved .

  • product information

    In solid wood composite construction. The pretty, timeless outdoor sauna JOY ONE is available in different expansion stages, shapes and types and can be supplemented with numerous extras individually, according to your taste.

    Wall thickness: 45mm / 60mm / 95mm

  • dimensions

    W/D/H approx.: 2.30 x 2.10 x 2.40 m
    All dimensions plus roof panel + approx. 3 cm
    roof pitch approx. 1.7°

  • walls

    Made of 45 mm / 60 mm / 95 mm polar spruce in solid wood composite construction, sauna block planks connected as a frame system, which means that tension rods can be dispensed with.

  • floor

    Impregnated base frame with floor joists h-6cm and 20 mm tongue and groove planed floorboards.

  • Roof

    Made of 20 mm tongue and groove roof boarding on purlins including windboards. Between rafter insulation made of rock wool panels, aluminum foil and 16mm spruce interior roof paneling.

  • door

    Multi-fold door with large insulating glass pane, handle and roll latch.

  • Window

    Design insulating glass pane.

  • interior design

    In a 3-piece design made of special softwood, which is very comfortable in direct body contact. Few knots, resin-free and low thermal conductivity. 4 sauna loungers fixed to wooden design supports, 3 backrests, 3 head wedges, 1 sauna lamp.

  • Technology

    9 kW ButroXE round heater for the Finnish sauna bath with approx. 80 kg infusion stones and control unit inside the sauna.

  • Wood


    Double layered floor with insulation

    Roof covering with EPDM foil including adhesive and 1 side outlet and downpipe

    Installation from the upper edge of the foundation, without electrical installation


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