HAVANA Garden Office


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Havana Garden Office

A contemporary Garden Office Cabin. Available in a number of sizes, it combines a contemporary design with clever interior layout, providing functionality, storage space and a convenient covering at the entrance.

product information

The garden office is available in a wide range of sizes. Made from highest quality norway spruce and erected in a day, you will be creating a very high-quality workspace – peaceful and inspiring!

Dimensions: from 3 x 3 m to 4.64 x 4.64 m – height approx. 2.52 m

Walls: Made of 45mm Nordic spruce, solid wood element construction, logs connected as a frame system. The all-round floor frame and corner posts ensure stability.

Floor: impregnated base frame with joists and 20 mm tongue and groove planing boards.

Roof: made of 20 mm tongue and groove roof boarding on rafters including wind boards.

Door: Impregnated base frame with 30 mm slotted floor.

An entrance door with double glazing. Frame mortised and glued with PZ security lock

Window: 1 double-glazed glass element 80/198 mortised and glued in the fixed frame.

Terrace: Impregnated base frame with 30 mm slotted floor.

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3.02m x 3.02m, 3.02m x 3.56m, 3.02m x 3.96m, 3.02m x 4.23m, 3.02m x 4.64m, 3.56m x 3.02m, 3.56m x 3.56m, 3.56m x 3.96m, 3.56m x 4.23m, 3.96m x 3.02m, 3.96m x 3.56m, 3.96m x 3.96m, 3.96m x 4.23m, 3.96m x 4.64m, 4.23m x 3.56m, 4.23m x 3.96m, 4.23m x 4.64m, 4.32m x 3.02m, 4.64m x 3.03m, 4.64m x 3.56m, 4.64m x 3.96m, 4.64m x 4.23m, 4.64m x 4.64m