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If you’re going for planning, you should consider our Timber Frame Houses. These are purposely re-designed log cabins, in order to practically guarantee your success in your planning application.

Take a look at the full range here: https://www.timberliving.ie/timberframe

Currently, we have four timber frame houses, going from 49 square metres to 154 square metres. We will be expanding the range over the next coupe of months, so keep your eyes on this page.

ShannonTimber Frame House

The Shannon Timber Frame House is our flagship model, at 154 square metres and only €84,600. This is a high qality, contemporary four bed house with large living area, four bedrooms, two ensuites and a utility room, for only €84,600 including VAT. Worth a serious look!

Barrow Timber Frame House

This is the perfect three bed for the smaller family. At 8m x 12m and only €64,300, it is unbeatable value. Excellent design and space efficiency, the Barrow will ive you the home you’re looking for, the quality you want and the low heating costs that will keep you smiling for years to come. Take a look at it here: https://www.timberliving.ie/product-page/barrow-timber-frame

Leinster 3 Bed Timber Frame House

This model is based on our Tullow Three Bed Log Cabin, but has been upgraded to practically guarantee you planning permission. We have increased insulation all round, changed the roof slope and given it an external cement render. A definite consideration – if the size is right, the price is definitely right! Only €59,600

Take a closer look at this remarkable three bed here: https://www.timberliving.ie/product-page/leinster-timber-frame

Connaught Timber Frame

Our smallest and most affordable timber frame log house, the Connaught Timber Frame is based on our Limerick Log Cabin, and has been upgraded to meet planning and building regulation standards. Coming in at €42,500, including VAT, you will be hard-pressed to find a better prced, better quality timber frame house in the country.

Timber Frame Specs

  • Project includes.
    External Walls U-Values
    (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)
    External Surface Values 0.05
  • Ext Render on Cement Board 0.04
  • 100mm Ext Insulation (EPS) 2.8545mm
  • Timber Structure 0.35
  • 150mm Metac Insulation (in 150mm timberframe) 4.4
  • 52.5mm Insulated Board 1.9
  • Internal Surface 0.1
  • Total Resistance (m2K/W) 9.69
  • U-Value (W/m2K) 0.1
  • Internal Walls
    100mm ROLL ACOUSTIC INSULATION (in 100mm Timber frame)Roof & Ceiling
    Roof Ceiling U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)Metal Profile Tile Effect 0.05
  • Cavity Attic Space 0.17
  • 400mm Earthwool Insulation 9.09
  • 12.5mm Internal Plasterboard 0.06
  • Internal Surface 0.1
  • Total Resistance (m2K/W) 9.47
  • U-Value (W/m2K) 0.11

PVC Colour Windows & External Doors

U value for PVC doors U = 1.42 W/m²K
U value for PVC windows U = 1.3 W/m²K

Delivery & Build on pre-prepared foundation base.
Construction and U-Value Certs

  • Project does not include:
    Base and finished floors
    Substructure Ground Floor U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)
  • Plaster Skimming both internal & external
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Internal Joinery

Planning Permission for Log Cabins?

If you want to ge planning for your log cabin, there are some signifiant changes that have to be made to the strcutural design of your log cabin, to incorporate the increased inulation required for your cabin to meet Building Regulations. The image below illustrates the difference betwenn our log cabin walls, and our tmberframe walls, which might explain the cost difference.

Building Regulations

If you’re going for planning, we can provide all of the necessary documentation to satisfy the Building egulations and the planning authorities, including:

(i) the necessary NSAI certificates of confirmation for materials, manufacture & factory procedures to satisfy the requirements of Building Control,

(ii) provide Ancillary Certification of their design in accordance with the Statutory Certification process,

(iii) copies of Professional Indemnity for design elements.

Feel free to contact us with any questions in relation to our timberframe products. We have offices in Tullow,Co Carlow (05991 81039), Boyle, Co Roscommon (086 817 0429) and Carrigaline, Co Cork (087 6464 280)

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