CONNAUGHT Timber Frame


Pay €250 Booking Deposit only.

All booking deposits fully refundable. We will contact you to finalise contract on receipt of your booking deposit.

Total includes Vat, delivery & build on pre-prepared base.
Not included:
base, electrics, plumbing-heating, painting.

Your options:

  • Available in all sizes from TIMBER LIVING
  • Individual design possible
  • Assembly country-wide

Unbeatable value, quality and style with this modern timberframe construction. Based on our best-selling Limerick Log Cabin. Ideal for single or two person occupancy.

Sleek, modern design. A2 BER. Ready for planning.

Log cabin wall types for planning permission

  • Project Includes:

    External Walls U-Values
    (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    External Surface Values0.05
    Ext Render on Cement Board0.04
    100mm Ext Insulation (EPS)2.85
    45mm Timber Structure0.35
    150mm Metac Insulation (in 150mm timberframe)4.4
    52.5mm Insulated Board1.9
    Internal Surface0.1
    Total Resistance (m2K/W)9.69
    U-Value (W/m2K)0.1

    Internal Walls
    100mm ROLL ACOUSTIC INSULATION (in 100mm Timber frame)

    Roof & Ceiling
    Roof Ceiling U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    Resistance (m2K/W)
    Metal Profile Tile Effect0.05
    Cavity Attic Space0.17
    400mm Earthwool Insulation9.09
    12.5mm Internal Plasterboard0.06
    Internal Surface0.1
    Total Resistance (m2K/W)9.47
    U-Value (W/m2K)0.11

    PVC Colour Windows & External Doors

    U value for PVC doors U = 1.42 W/m²K
    U value for PVC windows U = 1.3 W/m²K

    Delivery & Build on pre-prepared foundation base.
    Construction and U-Value Certs

  • Project does not include:

    Base and finished floors

    Substructure Ground Floor U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    Resistance (m2K/W)
    Ground Values0.05
    150mm PIR Insulation6.8
    150mm Concrete Slab0.07
    22mm Timber Flooring0.17
    Internal Surface Values0.15
    Total Resistance (m2K/W)7.24
    U-Value (W/m2K)0.14
    • Plaster Skimming both internal & external
    • Electrics
    • Plumbing & Heating
    • Internal Joinery


The photos shown are for reference only and show some individually modified special models!
Misprints and mistakes , technical or other changes as well as changes in the availability of individual products are expressly reserved .


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