Barrow Timber Frame 8m x 12m


Pay €250 Booking Deposit only.

All booking deposits fully refundable. We will contact you to finalise contract on receipt of your booking deposit.

Total includes Vat, delivery & build on pre-prepared base.
Not included:
base, electrics, plumbing-heating, painting.

Your options:

  • Available in all sizes from TIMBER LIVING
  • Individual design possible
  • Assembly country-wide

If you’re looking for a contemporary design bungalow built with energy costs and space efficiency in mind, the Barrow Timber Frame is the model for you.

Sleek, modern bungalow design. Perfect two bed size. A2 BER. Ready for planning.

Log cabin wall types for planning permission

  • Project Includes:

    External Walls U-Values
    (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    Item Resistance
    External Surface Values 0.05
    Ext Render on Cement Board 0.04
    100mm Ext Insulation (EPS) 2.85
    45mm Timber Structure 0.35
    150mm Metac Insulation (in 150mm timberframe) 4.4
    52.5mm Insulated Board 1.9
    Internal Surface 0.1
    Total Resistance (m2K/W) 9.69
    U-Value (W/m2K) 0.1

    Internal Walls
    100mm ROLL ACOUSTIC INSULATION (in 100mm Timber frame)

    Roof & Ceiling
    Roof Ceiling U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    Resistance (m2K/W)
    Metal Profile Tile Effect 0.05
    Cavity Attic Space 0.17
    400mm Earthwool Insulation 9.09
    12.5mm Internal Plasterboard 0.06
    Internal Surface 0.1
    Total Resistance (m2K/W) 9.47
    U-Value (W/m2K) 0.11

    PVC Colour Windows & External Doors

    U value for PVC doors U = 1.42 W/m²K
    U value for PVC windows U = 1.3 W/m²K

    Delivery & Build on pre-prepared foundation base.
    Construction and U-Value Certs

  • Project does not include:

    Base and finished floors

    Substructure Ground Floor U-Values (typical buld up and min requirement for A3-A2 rating)

    Resistance (m2K/W)
    Ground Values 0.05
    150mm PIR Insulation 6.8
    150mm Concrete Slab 0.07
    22mm Timber Flooring 0.17
    Internal Surface Values 0.15
    Total Resistance (m2K/W) 7.24
    U-Value (W/m2K) 0.14
    • Plaster Skimming both internal & external
    • Electrics
    • Plumbing & Heating
    • Internal Joinery



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