One Bedroom Log Cabins

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Showing all 8 results

All of our one bedroom log cabins are built from the finest Siberian-grown Norway Spruce. which are up to one hundred and fifty years old. That means your log cabin will look, sound and SMELL great – the timbers won’t twist or warp, AND your cabin will last for decades.

The external timber is your wall is 45 millimetres thick – that’s a serious thickness for cabin construction. You will also get a 30mm internal wall – you can hang VERY heavy shelves on these walls – and between these two walls is 100mm of top-grade insulation.

We’re really keen to push the fact of how warm these cabins are. We’ve never had a complaint about the cost of heating one of our cabins. With 100mm of insulation in the walls and roof, and Kingspan insulation in the floor, you can be sure that your log cabin will be cosy and warm.

You will not get a better log cabin in Ireland for the price of a Timber Living cabin. Actually, you will not get a log cabin of higher quality than a Timber Living Log Cabin – FULLSTOP!

We have showrooms in Tullow, Cork and Boyle, Co Roscommon. Please give us  call and arrange a visit. You’ll get all of the details here:

Bring a full list of questions – we’re always glad to help people make up their mind about buying One Bedroom Log Cabins. Whether you’re wondering about size, installing a stove, electrical and plumbing work, we’re only too glad to help.