You want a log cabin company you can trust


We’ve been in the log cabin business over twenty-five years, and are proud of our track record with our customers.

So when we see that one of our major competitors is on the tax defaulters list (…/list-of-defaulters/index.aspx) for having under-paid over €1 million in tax, it REALLY annoys us!
Make sure you’re buying from a trustworthy log cabin company. Talk to US first!

How much deposit should you pay your log cabin company?

The function of a deposit for a log cabin, is to ensure the log cabin company that the customer is really commited to buying their log cabin. So we look for a deposit of about 10% of the value of the log cabin. (€4,000 on a two bed cabin worth €38,000 – not unreasonable!)

Why would you pay a log cabin company a 50% deposit?

If your log cabin company is looking for a 50% deposit, we suggest you WALK AWAY! If they’re looking for that much, they must be in financial difficulty. And if they’re in financial difficulty, there’s no guarantee they’ll be around when they’re supposed to arrive on site with your log cabin!

Log Cabin Company Rip-off

Don’t get ripped off with high deposits

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